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Introducing MangoPeaches

Mango Peaches is a premier provider of value-priced clothing for American Girl-style dolls. Consider us your one stop shop for all things doll apparel.

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About the Founder

MangoPeaches‘ Lead Designer/CEO has been designing and creating clothing for years. After graduating with a degree from Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, California, she went on to design clothes for countless fashion-conscious women. But she wasn't satisfied with that - she then became one of the first ever formally trained fashion designers to enter the toy industry.

And she entered the competition right at the top - immediately starting work designing Barbies for Mattel (the big leagues).

Since then, she has designed clothes and contributed to toy lines for successful brands like MGA, Dynamic Design for Disney, Spin Master, Funrise, and more. And after she learned everything she had to learn from the toy business, she set out on her own adventure: MangoPeaches.

With the best customer service available, and love sewn into every stitch, we offer you the gift of joy with each ensemble.

About The Brand


Quality Designs, Quality Products

MangoPeaches strives to be the premier provider of value-priced clothes for American Girl-style dolls.

MangoPeaches' innovative designs are crafted with heart felt attention to detail. We are focused on bringing each child the most joyous experience. Our mission is to give the gift of joy with each ensemble. This devotion makes our store a place like no other.

We personally design each and every outfit we sell - many of which are known world-wide. We also make sure to source our own production so that we are able to offer them to you at the most favorable prices.

After years of designing clothes and doll apparel, we understand the special love a child has for their doll - and we want to help bring that to life with each outfit.

beyond Customer Satisfaction

We strive to go above and beyond simple customer service here at MangoPeaches. We call it customer satisfaction. And you can rest assured that we are here to help you with any and every question you may have about your doll's clothing and accessories.

We're available whenever you need us. In fact, we're so available, we even made an easy to use toll-free number for you to call us.

MangoPeaches isn't any other doll apparel store. We aren't about making the quick or easy sale. We deliver excellent products at fair prices, and we love doing it. Our loyal customers are like our family and we want to give you the customer satisfaction that you deserve.

And we sew that love into every stitch.