14" doll dress fits Wellie Wisher -14" Doll Clothes- 2 Piece Blue Long Dress, Includes Blue Dress, Blue Handbag! Fits American Girl.
$ 14.99 USD
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Fully handmade and unique original design from MangoPeaches.

14 Inch Doll Clothes - 2 Piece Blue Long Dress, Includes Blue Dress, blue Handbag
MangoPeaches American Girl Doll 14" Wellie Wisher Doll clothes are beautiful and are sure to be a favorite!


* Lovely Blue Dress
* Sweet Blue Purse

Recommended for ages 8 and up.


From Our Customers

"This outfit is absolutely adorable, and I cannot believe the quality. I actually bought four outfits - the Anna costume, the Elsa costume, the white fur coat outfit and this panda raincoat set. Each is beautifully made and very detailed. I sew myself, and have pondered making doll clothes for my granddaughter’s American Girl doll, but I could never make something even close to this nice, and my cost alone would be higher than what I paid for these beautiful outfits. I will be back to purchase more for my granddaughter’s birthday. Highly, highly recommended!"

- Wren

Great, great quality! I couldn't believe how good the quality was. Perfect fit for our AG doll. Materials were well chosen. I am such a happy mom right now!

- Jennifer

"This outfit is adorable and came just as described. The seller was prompt on their shipping. Impressive!"

- Sue

"These are just as cute as they can be!"

- Cherly

"The attention to detail is great and the materials are bright and colorful - I love it!"

- Rachel

"Stylish & adorable!!! 💕"

- Brant CBK
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